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Are you interested in more people viewing your sermon video so that your teaching can impact more lives? SEO for a church connects you with them where they’re spending the most time online using Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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How Churches Can Utilize Google's $10,000/month Ad Grant

Google offers the Google Ad Grant to qualifying non-profits, including churches, which gives you access to $10,000 in Google advertising money every month! At i800, we want to help you utilize the Ad Grant to reach more people.

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SEO For Churches | 7 Tips To Reach People With Your Website

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SEO for Churches; To think that a church should not be involved in marketing is old school! How do you expect your membership count to grow and people to find your church if there is nothing about your ministry online? And if the goal of your church is to spread the gospel shouldn’t you think that the internet and social media is an excellent platforms to sell the gospel? 

As professionals in digital marketing, working with some churches in the diaspora has presented us the privilege to hear and see online reviews and testimonies of how individuals were able to locate these churches via google search results.  However, this is no magic, miracle, or coincidence, it is definitely involving a conscious online effort in order to grow and expand the awareness of the said churches. And if in this era, you do not own a website for your church this should be a push for you to get one now!

Conversely, owning a church website goes beyond uploading your church location and service times. 

For people in your community and those outside your church community to search for churches and find you among the first five on google search results requires work and effort. This work and effort are called local SEO which means Search Engine Optimization. Earlier you could expect to have traffic by owning a site but these days you must have to care the website and bring traffic by SEO them.

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Tap into online success with i800services comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Our integrated approach maximizes acquisition, leads, sales, and customer retention. Elevate your brand with impactful search optimization, traffic generation, social campaigns, targeted advertising, compelling marketing campaigns, customer-focused acquisition, and conversion optimization. Transform your online presence with a holistic strategy tailored for success.

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